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  • Maggie Solé

Black Friday Webinar

Last week we had our first Black Friday Webinar! We hope you enjoyed it and learned some helpful tips to make the most of your Holiday Season Strategy.

For those who couldn't participate, good news! On the link bellow, you'll find the whole recording for you to watch the on demand webinar:

We had some great questions our audience submitted that we couldn't answered. Here you'll find the Q&A that will help you on your Black Friday or any other popular industry event Strategy.

Q1: What should be my expectations regarding costs during Black Friday period? Should I expect an increase on them?

A1: Yes, costs will likely increase mainly due to all advertisers running campaigns during this event. No one wants to loose the opportunity BF brings to reach new prospects.

Q2: What about your current activity during Black Friday period? Is it necessary to pause it and launch the Black Friday campaigns? 

A2: In the case of the campaigns that has the ability to change creatives but still keep the learning, it's better to do that. If during the event, you need to change your target events or you can allow different performance results, we suggest creating new campaigns. Then you can turn them on for testing and pause them until the very first beginning of the event. Also if during the event you have a specific audience you want to target (last year buyers, or a new audience that you collected to get news on the event) is better to create a specific campaign separately for them.

Q3: How do you measure the impact of BF ad creatives and campaigns in relation to your "always-on" campaigns?

A3: Regarding creatives, we suggest checking each CTR, CR, and ROI for image ads and for videos also Play Rate and Watch Time. In social networks, Shares, Likes, Comments, and Reactions are also great KPIs for creative performance. Finally for campaigns in general, ROI, ROAS, Gross Booking, Orders, Cost, Revenue.

Q4: How flexible are you in terms of bidding when Black Friday?  

A4: As the auctions are really crowded during Industry events, you'll need to have a little more flexibility than usual. Of course, you will still be close to your ROI targets, but don't forget that people are expecting good prices and they are more willing to buy than they usually are, so you can be more flexible with those targets in order to gain volume. You should not loose market share and you should always consider it as the best moment to start a long lasting relationship with your prospect clients. 

Q5: Do you recommend us to run DPA (dynamic product ads) strategies during BF?

A5: Yes, totally, the event is the best chance to show all your products details, specially limited time offers, and DPA works perfect to show product details, price and discounts.

Q6: Can you give us a couple of companies name that always excel at Black Friday campaigns for creatives? Ex. Best Buy or some new app.

A6: In Brazil Evino, an exclusive wine app, is doing a great job in the region. Not only because they prepare for Black Friday but they micro-target showing personalized ads with the wine selection users prefer. In Latam Decolar/Despegar and MercadoLibre are very experienced on industry events and are always implementing new trends in terms of creatives, audience targeting and campaign format.

Stay tuned for future events!

Hope you enjoyed this information.

Stay tuned for future events!

Winclap Marketing

PS: Got more questions? Feel free to contact us at hello@winclap.com