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  • Maggie Solé

5 Key to Succeed on Black Friday

Make your app growth during the busiest days of the year.

1- Listen to your clients

Think customer-centric and focus your strategies on your users needs. Don’t be afraid to ask them what satisfies them most and try to address each one of them with a special message or promo.

2- Test, Test & Test!

Build a strong promotion day a couple of months before to test user volume and your campaign creative assets.

3- Black Friday is an entire season

Get prepared in advance. Product searches start a couple of months before the Black Friday date. Make special offers like free shipping if you have an e-commerce. Extend your BF marketing initiatives to a whole week or month to attract your audience. 1 out of 3 people bought before the actual date.*

Download the Black Friday Infographic

4- Data is the king

Upload ad creatives a couple of days/weeks before your official campaign launch so predictable technology can start learning behaviors.

Metrics are everything: Analyze CTR, CR, and ROI by creative, as for videos also Play Rate and Watch Time. In social networks Shares, Likes, Comments, and Reactions are also great KPIs for creative performance. Finally for campaigns, ROI, ROAS, Gross Booking, Orders, Cost, Revenue.

Google: Google also has a new Ad Groups rolling out for almost 100% of accounts, so you can now upload assets strictly related to the date.

Dynamic Product Ads: is the best chance to show all your products details, specially limited time offers, and DPA works perfect to show product details, price and discounts

5- Coherence on your Message

To properly test BF creatives performance they should match with the whole campaign key visual, Brand Message & Look & Feel. That means using the same criteria on what you are showing on the app store, website or any other special initiative.

The Numbers Behind the Biggest Season of the Year*

37% higher downloads than the annual average

+60% increase in app downloads vs. October

+27% increase in app downloads during pre-black Friday Week

*Google Black Friday 2018.

Remember, Black Friday is a huge industry event, especially for e-commerce but also is an opportunity to your own business. Be creative and attract new clients for your app too!

We have lots of ideas to empower your Holiday Season Strategy. If you would like to learn more, contact our growth team. We are happy to help: hello@winclap.com

You can also check our Black Friday Webinar to discover new ideas to empower your growth strategy. Click to Watch the On Demand Wewinar here!