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About us

We connect people with products through technology

At winclap .

We live by transparency

It’s built into our brand DNA. We’re advancing the future of mobile by creating a culture based on accountability.

We put people first

We gain industry insights and improve our business by seeking out and listening to the needs of users.

We strive for excellence

We hold ourselves to the highest standards in order to achieve the highest level of performance.

We are led by our values

They are the cornerstone of Winclap and are central to our decision-making.

We are outstanding

We work relentlessly to build a fair and clean mobile ecosystem.

Being bold is what we do

We welcome out-of-the-box thinking.

We’re humble

We let our work speak for itself.

We are Outstanding.

We are a team of technologists, entrepreneurs, mobile app enthusiasts excited to help the mobile app community move into the next phase of their lifecycles.

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We love the mobile app market

When we help you pay a fair and transparent cost for your new users, we help ensure the future of a vibrant entrepreneurial community. And that’s just the start, we look forward to innovating new solutions to help you grow your business.