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Powerful App Marketing Insights to boost your media buying

Winclap is the leading unified

AI marketing platform that  creates

meaningful insights from your data to drive smart growth in user acquisition, retargeting and app store optimization.


Our Fully Managed Service enables you to...


How it works

Your Growth Team Extension

Our dedicated GMs will become your UA co-pilots. Their mission is to smartly boost your growth by putting your data coming from Costs, Campaign Performance, Ad Creatives and User Engagement into action.

Your Data Unified

We have integrations with the top Attribution Partners, Media Sources and other Data Platforms, helping you take decisions with unified data.

Actionable Insights

Our tool leverages your data to create valuable insights that usually would take weeks of manual work to create. Also our AI is able to predict creative and media source performance, helping you to optimally allocate your marketing dollars.

AI for Campaign & Creatives

Our Smart technology analyses your Data generating actionable insights our growth experts put into action to re-allocate budget or optimize creatives based on your goals.

Customizable Dashboard

Our 100% customizable dashboard will enable you to play with your data, learn powerful insights and execute in all your marketing channels.