Advertising powered by innovative mobile ad technology

Reach 99.6% of the world’s audience with a single login,
while our algorithm optimizes your campaigns by the last event point,
not by click or even conversion.

WinClap's awesome technology combines every data point like, device, geo, carrier, behavior, audience, and delivers your rewards to the right user. That user that will bring more revenue and is more likely to be loyal to your site, app or brand. Our algorithm constantly optimizes every reward we deliver based on the last conversion point, like in app event for apps, sales for e-commerce or engagement for branding campaigns.


Incredibly user friendly

No matter how much you know about mobile ads, winclap is incredibly easy to use. You can start your first campaign without even needing a creative design team.

Mobile video

Video will become the no1 ad format in the next few years. This way you can engage your target users in a superior way, with a better experience.

Real time stats

Transparency. That's all you need when measuring your campaigns results. But we also add a layer of awesome technology, making it very easy to analyze and obtain metrics about your campaigns.

Mobile retargeting

Reach those users you want to get back to your app, in a rewarding way and with that little push they need to become one of your loyal users.

Audience targeting

Our top DMP integration allows you to target the exact audience you want to reach, with a massive scale.

Worlwide reach

We are connected to every top Ad Exchange, SSP and network, in order to give you the highest quality and reach needed to achieve awesome results.

Rich media partners

It's all about the experience. Users are fed up of annoying ads. Our rewards are served using top RichMedia Partners, like Celtra and Sparkflow, to improve severely the user experience when engaging with your brand, app or site.

End point conversion tracking

We're integrated with every top tracking partner, to maximise transparency. Our Algorithm uses this information to optimise constantly to the last conversion point, generating unique results.