About Us

Winclap is an AdTech company specialized in developing the finest technology for today´s mobile industry. We are dedicated to getting the best quality users for our advertisers while focusing on making users happy.

We aim to take the industry to a higher standard by creating technology that cleans up the mobile environment, thus fostering a great and healthy relationship between advertisers and publishers. We strongly believe that the key to success in this market is the perfect combination between cutting edge technology and a passionate Winclap team!

Who we are

We are a group of young sub 30 people. We seek, through innovative and creative advertising, to humanize the relationship between brands and customers in a friendly, real and tangible way. With specialists in the field of Development, Design, Sales, Marketing and Communication, WinClap is a flexible company, with a team that suits the conditions in order to be outdoing itself on and on.

Mariano Saenz


Gonzalo Olmedo


Javier Cejas

Front End & UX Lead

Federico Jaureguialzo

Head of Technology

Lucas Cunibertti

Technical Lead

Luciano Castillo

Back End Developer

Eric Jurio

Back End Developer

Franco Escobar

Back End Developer

Desireé Pepermans

Business Analyst

Grisel Duran

Head of Ad Operations

Juan Sebastián Martinez

Head of Media

Mateo Delgado

Account Manager

Constanza Luque

Account Manager

Maria Jose Martín

Account Manager

Niki Paz

Account Manager

Sergio Vignolo

Account Manager

Leandro Santos

Finance Analyst

Carolina Marchegiani

Finance Analyst